Tuesday, January 23, 2018

So This Is Funny

Well gang, I'm in twitter jail. And looking back on it, I only wonder why it didn't happen sooner. Apparently that post I released yesterday really ticked some people off, and I'm guessing that when I got tired of dealing with 40 people insulting me and finally called one of them what he was, the whiny little shitheel couldn't handle it and reported me. So in the interest of being up front and letting you guys know what's up in the coming week, I'm releasing this post. Here's the tweet they made me delete, as well as the consequences, screencapped by yours truly.

And you're reading that right, that is a week long ban from tweeting, retweeting, and even liking other people's tweets. The most I can do is send DM's to followers and groups I'm apart of. So when I'm not active on twitter this week, you'll know why. I'll probably move over to Gab, and try and get some other work done. This is nothing more than a mild inconvenience, and personally I think it's pretty funny.

Needless to say I regret nothing and am not sorry. Axebane was acting like a retarded faggot white knight, so I called it like I saw it. 

It should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway, I in no way want anyone to contact him under any circumstances. Just leave the poor guy alone. He probably had a heart attack after someone called him what he was. I also can't prove that he was the one who reported me, or if I was nabbed by one of twitter's algorithms. So I'm just gonna let that one lie, and I hope all of you do as well. 

Axebane is just some random dickhead on the internet, after all. 

But really, what is Twitter coming to when you can't even call a retarded faggot white knight a retarded faggot white knight anymore? 

Anyway, the podcast with Daddy Warpig will be up later tonight, and the D&D session from last weekend should be up in a couple of days. See my twitter peeps in a week when my ban(?) is over. I guess I could make an alternate account and be back on, but that sounds like work, so I'll just take any brain farts I have to Gab, and spend the rest of my time working. 

Catch y'all in 7 days!

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