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If you're looking for free quality short fiction then look no further! These stories are free to read on my Steemit profile! Tales of action, adventure, and heroism await! Stories are listed from older to newer in descending order.

Fire On The Bayou

Vincent Tassin is a lone wanderer in a post-apocalyptic hellscape. Or maybe that's just Louisiana. After fending off a band of orc raiders, he finds a small town directly in the path of the warband. Will he join the defense and save the day?
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Part 6

The Hunter

Artemis Cromwell is a monster hunter by trade, booze hound and womanizer by choice, and cursed with terrible power by the Gods. In a peaceful village, evil stalks the night, hunting their children. Can Artemis stop this fiend without winding up six feet under himself?

The Night Job

Taffer is a professional thief in the city of Kynesfort. An old friend comes to him with a job. The pay is good, but the danger is high, for who would knowingly break into the mansion of a vampire lord? Can Taffer get in, get the goods, and get out before the master of the house finds him?

The Gypsy Queen & The Ranger

The adventures of Artemis Cromwell continue! Traveling with the young priestess Ana, they run into an old friend with a unique problem. The vengeful Queen of the nomadic Gypsies has her eye set on ruining this Ranger. Can Artemis aid in stopping her wrath?

The Tower of Benshi

In a mysterious tower in a faraway land, a princess weeps in captivity. A noble knight sets forth on orders from his King to find and rescue her, and escort her to her father's lands. But this wizard's tower is guarded by an ogre, invisible beasts, and some say he has a pet dragon. Can the knight win through and save the fair maiden?

Rats In The Sewers

A dead body, a missing baby, and sewers full of ratmen. As apart of the Scarborough Organization, the rescue of this child falls to Dutch and James, and below ground they go. They may be well armed, but they're outnumbered thirty or more to one. Can they rescue the child and escape with their hides intact?

The Airship Pirates

Artemis Cromwell and Ana have booked passage on an airship to take them across the Forest Sea. The good Captain, however, neglected to inform them he was wanted by the Elfin navy. Can they fend off the boarders and escape the pursuing fleet, or will they be shot down and crash in the ancient Forest?

Bringing Down The Mountain

A gigantic monster stalks towards the mega-city of Hell's Mouth, disgorging hordes of demons as it goes. The Raiju mecha pilots of Squad 7 deploy in hopes of stopping it before it lays waste to everything and everyone they love. Can they end this seemingly unstoppable threat to humanity?

The Ancient Forest Temple

Artemis Cromwell, professional Monster Hunter, and his companion Ana the Priestess, have crash landed in an ancient and mighty forest alongside the airship pirate Captain Claremont and what remains of his crew. Escape seems impossible, but with help from an old man and a race of primitive, degenerate lizardmen, can they manage to escape?

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Part 3

Part 4

Magic From The Sky

On the planet Eowei, Jarik Davin and his robotic assistant Wilson run a salvage business in the Karochee Desert. Investigating a pirate ship, they find the biggest haul of their lives, and take it to Gilliastrik's Trade Depot to cash in. But the pirates who owned it have other plans. Can Jarik, Wilson, and Gill defeat the pirate combat mechs and escape with their loot, and skins, intact? 

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Death Flowers

Zyrkana, a demon ninja, has been summoned to help Jaren get rid of his gambling debts by killing the gangster Boss Mai. During the job, she is attacked by Kazan, a skilled warrior wielding a holy sword. To kill Boss Mai, she must get through Kazan, but will his strength be too much for her?

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