Friday, January 12, 2018

Dungeons & Dragons! The Temple of Elemental Evil!

Okay, so I'm running a D&D campaign! Don't get too excited, I'm a first time DM, and have only the barest handle on what I'm doing. Thankfully, a couple of my players have a better handle on this ruleset than I do, and we're going to get into some old-school Moldvay Basic D&D for you guys!

Originally I was just going to record sessions because not every player I've roped into this insane endeavor is going to be able to show up every session. So I wanted to have a definable record of what went down so people who couldn't make it could catch up. But, I figure why not share that with you guys as well? And so here we are. 

These'll hopefully be going up about every Sunday or Monday. I made a mistake this time and didn't do screen capture, so I had to take the time out and put the maps into the various time slots in the video I'm eventually going to upload to YouTube. Unfortunately I had an accident while editing, and the video is going to be slightly delayed while I re-render the entire fucking thing. 

However, the audio version is ready to go, and that's what I'm bringing right now. If you're not interested in seeing the maps for the places the player characters go, this'll be right up your alley. 

Next time I'll have actual screen capture as well as audio so that everything is preserved properly, but for now, this is all I got.

So I hope that you enjoy my abortive attempts at DM'ing, and that you tune in next time to The Adventures of the Murder-Hobo's in The Temple of Elemental Evil!

[NOTE: This post will be updated with the video for those interested]

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