Friday, January 26, 2018

On ToonKriticy2k

Image from HorseNews via KiwiFarms, made by Moozua
This isn't exactly something I thought I'd ever have to do, but given that I've been in collaborative YouTube videos with this guy, as well as considered him a friend until now, I figure that I need to say something. And I wouldn't be saying something unless I was sure it was legitimate, and I think it is. I'm not a #MeToo bandwagoner, and my default stance is skepticism always, so when I heard that my friend Zak a.k.a. ToonKriticy2k was being accused of grooming a minor, I didn't want to believe it.

A friend linked me a video made by my buddy Vida, and after watching it I decided to review his evidence. These allegations are very serious, after all. 

Vida's video is here because I can't find it on the embed feature.

I was also linked to this leaked skype call (google drive upload of the call is here), which I read while reviewing the HorseNews article and the KiwiFarms thread. Going over all of this stuff is rough. I may not have talked to the guy in a few months, but I still considered him a friend and I had a very hard time believing all this. However, when people are bringing him into a skype call in which he all but says he's a pedo and knew it was wrong, as well as dropping chat logs of the grooming of the underage girl, I find these allegations incredibly hard to dismiss.

It would take a lot of work to doctor 500 screenshots just to get at some brony on YouTube and ruin his reputation, and people usually don't make false police reports in my experience. What's more, one of the people in that call, Josh Scorcher, is a marine, and engaging in illegal activity of that nature while in the military would ruin him. I'm no lawyer, or military lawyer, but I can imagine the penalties would be steep. After reviewing all the evidence I'm forced to conclude that yes, this did indeed happen. And I'm not just basing this off the stuff in the HorseNews article or KiwiFarms thread. In the call, he all but comes out and says, "I'm guilty."

The people in the call give him 24 hours from then to turn himself in, and then they're making a police report, which hopefully they've done. I also have it on good authority that a report has already been made to the FBI. So in reality, if these people have followed through on their promises and my friend has told me the truth (and I have no reason to doubt them), then what needs to be done has been done and the police should be knocking on his door very soon.

And to that I say, "Good." 

I'm glad he's going down for this. I can forgive a lot of shit, up to and including pedophilic impulses if and only if the person is steadfastly avoiding acting on them and attempting to seek help via therapy or some other means. But this, actually grooming a 14 year old via erotic roleplay over skype, knowing that it's both morally reprehensible and illegal, and trying to justify it with the laughable excuse of, "The age of consent in the Philippines (where the victim lives) is 12!" is beyond the pale.

So I've done what I can to learn all the facts here, and about the only thing I haven't done is read the 500-screencap-long chat between him and this girl because I'm not interested in reading erotic role-playing between an adult and a minor. You can find pretty much everything you need in either the HorseNews article or the KiwiFarms thread. I'm convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has in fact done this thing, and as such I'm cutting ties with him. 

I've already unfollowed him on all social media he and I have a presence on, as well as removed him from my skype contacts. If I never hear from the fucker again it'll be too soon. I know I haven't been involved in the horse fandom for a couple of years, or even watched recent seasons of the show or the movies they've put out in that time, but I did work with this guy and used to talk to him reasonably frequently. This is a horrible crime he's committed, and it's something that gets you on my personal shit list instantly.

You do not mess with children. 

I don't give a fuck what the age of consent in the Philippines says.

And according to other allegations this isn't even the first time he's done this, which after listening to that leaked skype call and reading some of those leaked chat logs becomes easier to believe by the second. All anyone can do now is cut contact, condemn, and trust law enforcement to do their fucking job. So that's what I'm doing here, and making it as public as possible so that anyone who cares to ask knows where I stand on this. 

Fuck this asshole and everything about him. 

I can only hope that the victim is okay, and be glad that she got away from him before he was able to make good on those suggestions of getting her alone in a hotel room at a convention. If he's found guilty, which he should be if all of this evidence is genuine, may he rot in prison, or worse. 

It's still wild to me, though. You think you know somebody. 

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