Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Call To Action: The Swords of Saint Valentine

The Council has met, and come to a decision. Well, actually it was a bunch of yahoos on a discord server, but nyewhatever, details. The Steempulp Warband is putting on an event through the end of February, and you can take part! The full details you can read on Warboss Cheah's Steemit post about the event, and if you're wanting to contribute you're more than welcome to join us on the blockchain-powered blogging platform.

The basic rundown is this: It's past New Year's, and it's Valentine's Season. Being the intrepid neo-pulpsters and hopeless romantics that we are, a bunch of us fungus monkeys with keyboards got together and decided to host an event for the fiction side of Steemit. 

We're having an open call for tales of chivalric heroism and romantic love, preferably together in the same story. They can be a whole post or a serial, but the one thing they must be other than chivalrous and romantic, is pulpy.

Did you really expect any different from us?

Also nothing over 15,000 words. We're doing this for an eventual anthology, akin to the PulpRev Sampler, and the stories chosen for invitations to the anthology will be voted on by some group of jackholes in their discord server, based on non-bot, non-paid upvotes. I'm one of those jackholes, along with Warboss Cheah, Noughtshayde (you may know him as Conner Goff of Darkest of Dreams), t2tang, notjohndaker/themixedgm, and J. D. Alden. The Chief Editor shall be the PulpRev's own Jesse Abraham Lucas, editor of the Sampler. 

Also your story can be anything, so long as it has chivalry and romance. Set it in space, prehistoric times, other planets, fantasy worlds of your own creation, whatever you like. You're not limited to knights rescuing princesses, and frankly in my opinion if that's all we got it would be a pretty boring anthology. So go buck-fucking-wild with. Bring out the true batshit, and let's give these people a taste of the pulp side of things they won't soon forget. 

Once again, full details at the Warboss' post. I just wanted to give y'all a quick rundown and point you in the right direction. If it sounds up your alley, then hit us up. See you on the S.S. Steempulp!

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