Wednesday, April 12, 2017

King of Limbo Podcast: The King of Fear

So I should've posted this yesterday, or even the day before, but I kinda got caught up in a couple of other projects, and Misha Burnett sending me a threatening email demanding my Confederate Torchwood story by the end of the month shook me up a bit, I'm not gonna lie. But here we are now and I am delighted to inform you all that not only does my friend FNGR have a podcast called King of Limbo, but I was featured as the guest this time! Now, this call went on much longer than this, so I can only assume that he's splitting it up into two podcasts because I frequently shoot my mouth off about anything and everything for extremely long periods of time, as you can tell. But it was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed talking to my friends again, which I unfortunately don't get to do much outside of social media nowadays since I've been so busy with everything. It's a fun podcast, we hit a lot of topics, and I managed to catch alcohol poisoning that night! Even though there was no pub crawl! Magical.

Thanks again for having me on the podcast, Anthony! We'll definitely have to do it again sometime!

I'd also like to thank Underpable on Deviantart again for fulfilling Anthony's commission for the art of me as a Chaos Marine! I absolutely love it, and you should all consider commissioning them because as you can see they do damn good work. Here's where you can find their page. 

The false Emperor wept.

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