Sunday, March 26, 2017

The JimFear138 Podcast Ep.45 ft. Daddy Warpig

Welcome to another episode of the podcast! This week we have special guest Daddy Warpig joining us! In this episode we talk about making money off the scene you're involved in (specifically with regards to the Pulp Revolution), how to expand the scifi/fantasy readership market, breathing creative life back into fantasy literature, Superversive vs Pulp, and probably a bunch of other stuff I can't list.

Hope y'all enjoy!

Sorry if it seems like I had trouble articulating my points. I'd started drinking when we'd originally started that day, then Daddy Warpig ran into internet issues and when we picked it up later I was already tipsy, and it only got worse as the conversation went on.

The phrase I was looking for around 56 minutes in was "Magnum Opus," by the way.

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