Saturday, March 18, 2017

The JimFear138 Podcast Ep. 44 - Voice Acting, Updates, and Chimerical Races

Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of the podcast! This time I'll be giving some bad advice on how to voice act and telling you where to find better advice, giving some updates on the blog and my personal health, and talking some more about the benefits of chimerical races vs traditional fantasy races.

A big thanks to Daddy Warpig, Brian Niemeier, and Dorrinal for having me on Geek Gab! It was a blast, guys!

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  1. On Monster Girls, monster races, fantasy races, etc.
    D&D already had "sexy girl monsters" already wayyy back in the original Monster Manual. But beyond that-
    Adopting something from the furries might play in as well. And that is the aspect of allegory in anthropomorphics, that the animals/monsters don't just represent a society, or a biome, but personality types, habits or traits. That in putting a mask on a person, they adopt the persona of the mask to discuss the mask.
    And the skeptic podcast Monster Talk has had some really great episodes over the years about the origins of "monsters" throughout history.