Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Media Are Our Enemies

[EDIT]: I've been informed that dropping links to some of this bullshit would be helpful. Here's the memo on Vox. Here's the archive of the Vox article. Coverage of US media outlets giving favorable coverage to the despotic, criminal, human rights violating regime in North Korea.

If you've been paying attention to the news cycle lately, one thing should be abundantly clear to you, and that one thing is that these people are self-evidently the enemies of the American people. And I'm not repeating some Trump talking point, anyone who's actually been looking, listening, and reading can tell you this. After the Nunes Memo debacle and the absolute shitfit that has been the Winter Olympics coverage of North Korea, anyone who still trusts these organizations is not paying attention, or is being willfully ignorant. 

So what precisely happened with the Memo? Well, if you either watch corporate media (God help you), or watch a media commentator like Hard Bastard at the Hard News Network, and have actually read the memo yourself, you will know that the corporate media systematically and without exception lied their asses off about the contents. If you want to know about the actual contents of the memo, you can google it and read it (it's only four pages long), or you can check out my last podcast wherein I read the entire thing with commentary, and also provide a link to Hard Bastard's coverage of the memo wherein he does the same. The reason I read the memo out in my podcast is that HB is literally the only person I'd seen do so, and I wanted to inform people about what the contents actually were. 

He also covered Memo Day quite extensively, and read articles and commented on videos from all kinds of media organizations, from David Pakman, to The Young Turks, to CNN, to MSNBC, and others. Not a single one of these read the actual memo live on air to inform their viewers of what was in it. They interpreted the memo for their viewers, and I imagine desperately prayed to their heathen gods that nobody in their audiences would develop a brain and go find the thing themselves.

There were, coincidentally, only two interpretations. On the one hand, this was a nothingburger, it was blown way out of proportion, it didn't prove anything, and was a big waste of everyone's time. On the other hand, this was an apocalyptic level event that absolutely required violent revolution to overthrow this tyrannical dictatorship that is undermining our trust in beloved law enforcement organizations like the DOJ and FBI. Now both of these can't be true at once, and it looks like some wires got crossed between the handlers at the top and the toadies on your screen. So which is the truth?


They are both lies. Bullshit media spin to misdirect the American people and either keep people complacent and stupid with their "Dems & Hillary dindu nuffin!" narrative, or to actually inspire violent revolution in the dumber parts of the American populace. I'm not sure where they expected this to go, but I don't think it went where they were planning. Either way, we can say with total confidence that anybody who told you either of these things are liars and should not be trusted. At this point, if these people tell you the sky is blue and clouds are white you should probably get up and have a look out the window to see for yourself. 

What the memo contained in actuality was information regarding a FISA warrant issued for Carter Page, former Trump campaign employee. In order to get this warrant to spy on Mr. Page, the FBI and the DOJ conspired with the Clinton campaign and the DNC to use false information created from whole cloth by Christopher Steele for his infamous and discredited dossier, as well as a Yahoo news article based on information that Steel himself leaked to the press, to lie to a FISA court judge! It also mentions that Steele was fired from the FBI because he was talking to Mother Jones and Yahoo news and revealed his association with the FBI, which they view as a serious breach of security. But don't take my word for it, go read it yourself. All the links necessary are in that link above to the last episode of my podcast. 

This is why it's so important to stay abreast of what's going on in American politics, especially if you're a citizen of this country. These people, who are supposed to be trusted to deliver information clear of bias to the American people, have blatantly, flat-out fucking lied to everyone, and did it with a smile on their faces as they collected their paychecks. It has become clear from this alone that none of these people can be trusted to read a fucking thermostat, let alone deliver proper news coverage to the average citizen.

"Journalist" has become synonymous with "Professional Liar" at this point.

And what of the Winter Olympics?

Well I can tell you right now that I don't give a flaming fuck in space about the games themselves. I don't watch any Olympic coverage, because I'm not interested in sports and don't care who won the gold medal in competitive underwater basket weaving. What I do care about, however, is the way the American media covered the country that the games are being held in this year.

Because North Korea drew the lucky straw this time, and the US corporate media outlets have been tripping the fuck over each other to praise a genocidal, monstrous, utterly evil regime that regularly tortures its own citizens to death.

This is one of the most embarrassing things I've ever seen the US media do. They praised the cheerleaders, who are literal slaves that will be imprisoned and have god only knows what done to them if they perform badly. They praised Kim Jong Un's sister, almost as bad a tyrant as the fat tub of shit himself, who orchestrates tortures and the slaughter of innocents. There are so many examples of behavior like this that I would be here all day if I tried to list them all. Merely go and check the twitter feeds of these media outlets and you can see instance after instance of US media praising a Communist dictatorship that currently, while these games are going on, is running torture camps where they execute pregnant women by cutting the babies from their stomachs while the women are tied to trees. 

The media had a perfect chance to show us, the voters, the American people, that they weren't our enemy. That they condemn the monstrous human rights violations committed daily by the Kim regime, that they do not support Communist dictatorships and are, in fact, on the side of the average person with more than two brain cells to rub together.

And they completely squandered it.

Not only did they squander it, they did the exact opposite of what they should be doing. Rather than condemn this evil regime, they tried to turn the dictator's sister, a vile monster in her own right, into a "yass kween sley" diva. This kind of behavior is unconscionable, and reveals the true purpose and attitude of the media.

Think about it. What do they do all day?

They castigate Donald Trump and all his plans, policies, and appointments, despite the fact that his policies are making America better. Lower immigration, forced integration of those already here, and lowered regulation on businesses alongside lower taxes has brought jobs back to this country and boosted the economy. Say what you like about the man, he seems to be trying to do what he said he'd do, and that's Make America Great Again. He hasn't taken a single right away from women, the LGBT, Muslims, non-whites, or anybody else these people spent two years claiming that he'd immediately throw into concentration camps on Inauguration Day. And what's more, he's said publicly several times that he doesn't intend to.

And when it comes to a country that is being run into the ground by a regime that I don't even have words to describe the horror of, what do they do? They paint it in the most positive, glowing light possible! A Communist dictatorship where they imprison people for less than nothing, as well as imprison their family members for three generations for the infraction of one, feed people alive to rats, cut the babies from pregnant women's bellies, use rape as a punishment, have actual concentration, work, and death camps, and force so much propaganda on their remaining people that they are convinced that "Dear Leader" is actually some kind of deity. This they glorify, while someone who seems to be trying to make his own country better gets nothing but vitriol and lies spread about him.

It has become monumentally clear that the US media are our enemies. They've turned into propaganda outlets for North Korea, for fuck's sake. If that doesn't make them traitors in deed and intent if not legally, I don't know what will. If you actually trust the mainstream US media after these two incidents, I don't know what to tell you. Go see a neurologist, and have them take a look at your brain, because you might be missing your frontal lobe. These people are self-evidently the enemies of every American, and this is not an attack on our democracy, or our Constitution, or anything else to say that. 

If someone acts like your enemy, treat them like an enemy. Trust nothing they say, suspect everything they do, take nothing on faith, verify whatever they tell you, because if they've lied to you once (and they have, many times) they'll lie to you again. I would go so far as to say that this behavior is demonstrably evil, and there is no excuse they could make that would make it okay to cover up what's in that memo, and praise North Korea. Not a single thing will ever make that okay, or right, or good. 

So the next time you see a report from a mainstream media organization, or someone paid by a mainstream media organization, or someone who wants to be a mainstream media organization, don't trust a fucking word of it until you've verified it for yourself.

They are very likely lying to you.

That seems to be a thread with Communists, doesn't it? 


  1. It is interesting to watch libtards justify progressively more and more MSM stupidity and lies.

    It's a wonder to behold and rather scary, because some of these people are one media lie from killing every non libtard they see.

    1. Yeah, that does worry me, especially with people sending "mystery powder" to Trump's son's house, and his wife having to be hospitalized for safety's sake. These people are deranged, and the media calling for armed revolution and people in the streets doesn't help anything or anyone. Especially when they're just straight lying to people.

  2. Jim
    How do we drive a stake through the heart of MSM ao it never rises again?
    In any case I'm unsurprised ever sonce Duranty lied about the Bolsheviks, MSM has been sucking up ro evil murderous scum


    1. C. S. Lewis had some ideas...