Sunday, February 26, 2017

The JimFear138 Podcast Ep. 42 - Predicted Problems for the Pulp Revolution

Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of the podcast! We're back to the normal format this time, and in this one I wanted to talk about problems I think the Pulp Revolution is going to run into based on my experience in other fandoms/activist groups/advocacy groups in my time on the internet. I don't claim to have any revealed knowledge, but I could very well see these potholes coming up in the road ahead, and I think it's gonna get nasty in the near future. Challenging power always does.

Also, we've been having an issue with iTunes lately, and some people have requested mp3 download links so they can listen to the podcast at their leisure on their phone or other device. In the interest of helping those people out, I'll be including mp3 download links in every episode's show notes.

Hope y'all enjoy!

Stop Talking About Hypergamy? No Way by Bar Bar:
House Husbands Just Ain't Sexy by Bar Bar:

Social Media Dump
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  1. Sorry for digging around in your old posts, but I'd be curious to hear your opinions on this a year later. Do you think things in the PulpRev have changed? Gotten better? Worse?

    I think 2017 was a great year for PulpRev, but I do think we shouldn't rest on our laurels going into 2018.