Sunday, January 29, 2017

The JimFear138 Podcast Ep.38 - Trump's 1st Week, & The Pulp Revolution

Hello everyone, and welcome to Autistic Screeching: The Podcast! In this episode I get way too drunk too fast and run my fucking mouth about Trump's first week in office, and deliver another religious screed about the Pulp Revolution from the top of my drunken head.

Seriously though, kids, don't drink without eating something first. It'll turn you into a screaming mongoloid in under an hour. Consider this a cautionary tale.

Jeffro Johnson on Declan Finn's The Catholic Geek (Jeffro shows up about an hour in):

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  1. Pulp Revolution is the third way. I joke about it being Working Dogs, but it's the group of puppies that looked at the stories and criticism said "Hey, we can do this too. And we can do it better."

    1. We're going to make a big damn splash, that's for sure.