Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekly Roundup for Feb 8-13 2016

Time for my first weekly roundup! This is going to be a weekly post letting you guys know what videos I've posted this week, giving you easy, one-stop access to all the content from my YouTube channel(s) that you might have missed.

First up is Chapter 1 of The Time Machine by H. G. Wells, my first audiobook! You can also find this on my Bandcamp for just $1, but if you want to put some extra pocket change in the begging hat who am I to stop you?
YouTube: The Time Machine - Chapter 1 
Bandcamp: The Time Machine - Chapter 1

Next up is my Wednesday narration/audio drama, The Holder of The Lens! This was made for a stillborn charity event I was partaking in, and since I was sick this week and I had these sitting around I figured I'd upload them instead of trying to voice act while I was all congested. This can also be found at YouTube and Bandcamp.
YouTube: The Holder of The Lens
Bandcamp: The Holder of The Lens

Finally there's the second episode of The Jimfear Podcast, wherein I talk about the new addition to the Space Wolves from Warhammer 40,000 and general problems and cool stuff about Games Workshop. Apparently the podcast is gonna be a YouTube and Soundcloud thing since the tracks are too large to upload to Bandcamp. So until I get iTunes going, along with any other podcast hoster I can convince to put this up, these will only be found on YT and SC.
YouTube: The JimFear Podcast Ep. 2 - Vylka Fenryka and the Trouble With Games Workshop
Soundcloud: The JimFear Podcast Ep. 2 - Vylka Fenryka and the Trouble With Games Workshop
Hope you guys enjoy!

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