Sunday, February 14, 2016

Setting Things Up Properly

Okay, so apparently this whole thing is a lot more involved than I initially thought it would be.

On the bright side of things, I now have finally set up a Bandcamp and linked it to my paypal, so if you guys want to support my efforts to make some kind of minor supplementary income off of my voice work you can head on over there and toss some change in the tip jar while getting a shiny audio file of my narration that you can put in your preferred music player and listen to on the go without using up your data. I even managed to get it linked to the proper paypal account, so I reckon I'm not an irredeemable fuckup just yet.

My Bandcamp

I've looked into adsense, but it appears that I have to prove that my site is worth putting ads on before I can do that, so I guess I'll give it a few months of uploading regular content to youtube, bandcamp, and soundcloud and linking those here to drum up some traffic. I'll also be posting here more regularly, so there should be something to see here at least every two days or so and I'll try to update it as regularly as I can. I'll be posting all kinds of stuff here, pretty much whatever flits through my mind that I think is worth writing down. On top of that, I'll be linking every post through my tumblr and twitter accounts, since that's where most of my traffic probably comes from, especially the tumblr.

There might be a bit of a problem, seeing as how this blog and my youtube channel go through different emails, and I'll have to sign up for adsense through this blog, but I'm sure I can work it out. There has to be an option to add in another email account somewhere. I guess I'll work that out when this thing has more than 64 page views. I'm really starting from the bottom here, but at least I'm serious about it and am putting in work to make this function properly. 

At least the damned bandcamp seems to work, but I'd need someone to actually purchase the single track on there at the moment to figure that out.


Weekly Roundup post coming soon. Probably tonight, seeing as how I completely forgot to to that yesterday. It's a lot to keep up with, honestly, but it's not impossible, so I guess the only thing to do is go go go until I can make this worth something.

Being totally honest, I am doing this out of love. I love narrating stories and making videos and creating audiobooks that people seem to enjoy so far. It's a fun past time and keeps me from going insane by giving me activities to focus my free time on. But I'd also like to get something other than views on youtube or reblogs on tumblr for it, yaknow?

So yeah. If you like what I do you can go over to the bandcamp. I'm currently in the process of downloading all of my old narrations (yes, even the old horrible ones when I had shitty equipment) and posting them to the bandcamp, all of which will eventually be available for $1 per track. Which is pretty fucking cheap, honestly, considering the amount of work I put into them. But I'm not gonna piss and moan about that. I'm just glad the damned thing is working.

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