Monday, October 30, 2017

The JimFear138 Podcast Ep. 72 - Legacy of Kain, YA SocJus, & Cultural Roots

Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of the podcast! Sorry this one is late, but my dad was in town this weekend, and I don't get to see him that often, so I spent the afternoon I should've spent editing the podcast hanging out with my dad. Anyway, in this episode I ramble about The Legacy of Kain games, talk about an article Bradford wrote about serialized stories, go over an article by Jon Del Arroz about social justice in young adult publishing, and talk about another article in which a woman has raised her child to hate herself because she's white. Fun stuff, yeah? Hope y'all enjoy!

Crystal Dynamics LoK Post:

Let's Ramble With Rae: Soul Reaver 2 by Dawn Somewhere:

[ON SALE] Nethereal by Brian Niemeier:

Getting Started: Reconsider the Serial by Bradford Walker:

How Never-Satisfied Social Justice Mobs Are Ruining YA Book Publishing by Jon Del Arroz:

Jon Del Arroz's Website:

T-Rex na Kanojo (My Girlfriend Is A T-Rex):

CTRL ALT Revolt! by Nick Cole:

The Young Protectors is the Comic You Always Wanted by Nerkish:

The Black Witch by Laurie Forest (AFFILIATE LINK):

Postcolonial Parenting by Tama Ward:

MP3 Download of this episode:

Social Media Dump:













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