Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Real Problem Behind #CNNBlackmail

Read that screencap.

Now read it again.

A third time.

Once more, for the Gipper.

This is a screencap of the original article published yesterday (7/4/17) on CNN's website about a meme-maker that they had supposedly tracked down and "interviewed," for those of you that have been living under a rock for the past 24 hours. HanAssholeSolo is the reported Reddit handle of the perpetrator who made the gif/video that President Trump posted to his Twitter account of him wrestling Vince McMahon to the floor and pounding his head with a fist, with the CNN logo shopped onto McMahon's head.

Now this tweet was retweeted more than any other tweet by the President, yes, even the covfefe tweet. A lot of people all around the world saw it. That made CNN look very, very bad. Obviously this engendered some ass-pain in the subhuman degenerates at CNN, and they wanted revenge. Unfortunately for them, they've been attacking the guy who made the tweet for almost two years now, and he only seems to get stronger because of it. But, as Yoda once said, "There is another."

The meme-crafter himself.

So that's what they fucking went and did. They hunted this guy down, who by all reports other than CNN's own (which you should on no account trust), is a fifteen year old. Here's how the timeline went as revealed in tweets and the original article when the backlash was only getting started:

1. CNN found the guy and attempted contact via phone and email.
2. HanAssholeSolo realized they were after him, deleted ALL of his possibly offensive Reddit posts and released an extensive apology post reprinted in CNN's article on r/The_Donald.
3. He "talked" with CNN's K-File and explained how very sorry he was that he'd made fun of their serious and totally not fake news outlet.
4. They released that article wherein they wrote what appears in that screencap above, including the psychotic threat to reveal this man's identity should he do anything they dislike.

This in and of itself is bad enough, but what are the implications of this if CNN gets away with it?

If these propaganda mongers get away with this, if they are not punished, if they are not taken down to the ground for this, then that means they can do this to whomever they please, anytime they want, for any reason.

You, and I mean this very seriously, are next.

Look at how the Left eats its own for not being Left enough. There's an old saying, "Never punch left/right." What this means is that if you're right wing, you shouldn't hit people on the right wing. Vice versa for the left. Unfortunately for you, me, and everybody who has a moderate bone in their body, EVERYONE is right of the radical left. Therefore, if CNN is not metaphorically razed to the ground and the ashes spread to the four winds over this, ANYONE who steps outside of their ideological lockstep can and eventually will be targeted for intimidation, doxing, harassment, and possibly violence. And let's not pretend that CNN doesn't know that they can unleash the violent thugs of Antifa on anyone they point and screech at. They do. It's a real threat that we should all take very seriously. Why do you think HanAssholeSolo was so utterly, pants-shittingly terrified of having his identity revealed?

There are already other media outlets coming to CNN's rescue over this, locking shoulders and defending the actions of their fellow shitheels. This is because they see the immense power CNN just attempted to wield, and they want it for themselves. They want to be able to intimidate people into silence via the power of their media reach as well. Any outlet that does this can no longer be trusted on any level whatsoever. This is why we have to make an example out of CNN. 

These people are bullies, thugs, they're using mafia tactics against innocent civilians who made memes they disagree with, and, it turns out, they may be so insanely incompetent as to have fingered the wrong fucking guy!

But regardless of what they actually did, wrong guy or not, their intent is incredibly clear. They want to cow him, and by extension anyone who disagrees with their narrative including you and I, into silence out of fear of having the violent left unleashed on us by the moderate left.

Well, I think it's time to show them that we're not playing that game anymore.

I think it's time to hit back.

And it's time to hit back hard.

But where do you hit a multi-billion dollar media organization?

Right in the most important part of that description. The wallet.

There was another ethics in journalism movement from a couple years ago, can't quite recall the name, but they had a saying.

"Shut up and email."

There are numerous lists of CNN's advertisers. Kraut and Tea @RealKraut on twitter published a complete list including contact information on his account earlier. Email them. Don't use "-gate" appellations, that meme is dead, tired, and it gives you away. Position yourself as a customer or potential customer that is very concerned that they are advertising with a company that would go out of its way to be petty enough as to threaten and coerce a fifteen year old over an unflattering meme, and that this will lead you to seriously reconsider using their products so long as they are advertising with that network. Because we are either current or potential customers of all these organizations, and we have to make our displeasure with this ring loud.

These people have not only threatened one Redditor, they have threatened every single person who disagrees with them, worldwide. Because there are radical leftists in your country, make no mistake, and if you are outed by CNN, they will be able to find you. CNN has to be buried over this. There can be no coming back. If we do not show them that we will not tolerate this kind of mafia-esque tactics being deployed against innocent private citizens, we are all at risk.

We have about a three day window in which to make them hurt over this. Hit hard, hit fast, and most importantly, shut up and email.


  1. CNN. Kill it with fire. And by fire, I mean scathing ridicule.

    E-mailer loaded, locked, and taking aim.

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