Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The JimFear138 Podcast Ep. 10 ft. The Right Hand of Doom and Arcane Razil

The JimFear138 Podcast Ep. 10

 I think this one will hold the record for the longest podcast I produce for a good long while. In this episode we get into all kinds of things, mainly Laughably Dapper, its origins, podcasting, the writing process, science fiction, horror, talk about movies and Leo's Oscar (finally), Razil gives us all an economics lesson, and Doom gives us a psychology lesson. It's a big one, so you might wanna take it in chunks, or if you've got the time then all at once.
Either way, I hope y'all enjoy! ^_^

Doom's Links:

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Laughably Dapper:

Music is Honey Bee by Kevin Macleod:
Honey Bee Kevin MacLeod (
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