Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Prey by John R.

Prey by John R. 

 Okay, so I'm back on track after a couple of months of hell and I'm uploading all my old stuff to catch up to where I am now on the blog and iTunes, so expect a deluge of older stuff you haven't heard in a while. Feel free to skip these, since they don't have the audio quality I'm able to deliver now. But I want them in the archive anyway, so here we go.

Original Description
 Originally published on Apr 27, 2016

 This is one of my favorite short stories on the internet. Originally I read this one for Dimension Bucket's Midnight Cassette podcast, but I really wanted to do my own version of it. I damn near killed myself recording and finding all the sound effects, but I think it came together really well.
Hope y'all enjoy! ^_^

If y'all wanna hear the one I recorded for Bucket's podcast, here's the link:

Intro music by Dimension Bucket:

Music by Kevin Macloud:

And Myuuji:

Sound Effects from various sources, mostly YouTube.

You can also find me at these sites:





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